Panther Athletics

For almost 140 years, athletics has been a cornerstone of the Hanover student experience.  What started with our first football game in 1886 has grown into a robust athletics program supporting 480 student-athletes who compete in 20 varsity sports in the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference. 

Our Panther Pride goes deeper than the games we play.  While we’ve been thrilled to watch our teams win the last 3 conference Commissioner’s Cups and earn 7 berths in the NCAA tournaments in the past four years, the commitment to the sport, the team, and our college makes us the proudest. 

Student-athletes make up over half of every incoming first-year class, and almost 50% of all students annually participate in varsity athletics at Hanover.  Today’s student-athletes spend countless hours practicing, conditioning, traveling, and competing on top of full academic course loads because they understand the value of competition, sportsmanship, and team building.  These skills are fostered on and off the field or court and have a huge potential to impact students’ future professional development and aptitude. The campus at large benefits from the athletics program.  Athletics brings a sense of pride and belonging that helps shape the unique Hanover experience. 

The expenses of team travel, food, officials, and equipment, along with the salaries of assistant coaches and interns are increasing at a faster pace than the college budget. This has made it difficult for us to maintain our winning streak. Therefore, we kindly request you to consider making a donation to your preferred program. Your contribution will be highly appreciated by the coaches and student-athletes.