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Each license plate includes a $25 donation to the Impact Hanover Fund

Get your Hanover college plate

Thanks for driving with pride!


For specialty Hanover plates, HC1-HC100, contact the Office of Alumni Relations

Did you know that each Hanover College license plate purchase (and renewal!) includes a $25 tax-deductible contribution directly toward the Impact Hanover Fund?

When registering your vehicle this year, don't forget to purchase or renew a Hanover College license plate so everyone you drive by knows you are a proud Hanoverian!

How Do I Get My First Hanover College License Plate?

  1. After receiving the BMV notice to renew your license plate, proceed as you typically would by renewing online at, by phone, mail, or visiting a license branch or partner location. 
  2. When choosing plate type, select Hanover College - SP. If you want a Hanover College motorcycle plate, select Hanover College - MC. 
  3. Check the box to elect tax benefits for your purchase. Without checking the waiver, your donation comes to the college as an anonymous gift. We want to thank you properly for purchasing a Hanover College license plate, so please check the box!
  4. Vanity plates can be set up through the BMV, but for specialty Hanover plates, HC1-HC100, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at

How Much Does It Cost?

The $25 group fee collected is a donation to the Impact Hanover Fund. The purchase of a Hanover College license plate benefits current and future students!

How Will Hanover Recieve My $25 Donation?

The BMV will collect and forward the $25 donation per plate to Hanover College. To be personally credited for this gift, please check the waiver on your renewal form (online or in person), giving the BMV permission to release your contact information to the college. Your donation comes to Hanover as an anonymous gift without checking the waiver. All proceeds support the Impact Hanover Fund!


Here to help!

Christy Hughes
Director of Alumni Relations