Welcome to the Alumni Association

Dear Esteemed Alumni,

It is with pleasure and pride that I extend a heartfelt welcome to each and every one of you to the Hanover College Alumni Association!

As the Director of Alumni Relations, I am honored to have the opportunity to serve our vibrant community of alumni, a community that spans the globe and encompasses a rich tapestry of experiences, achievements, and memories.

The Hanover College Alumni Association stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of our alma mater and the profound impact it has had on the lives of countless individuals. It is a beacon of connection, collaboration, and support, dedicated to nurturing lifelong relationships and fostering our esteemed alumni's continued success and growth.

Whether you graduated last year or decades ago, whether you live nearby or across oceans, whether your memories of Hanover are fresh or cherished from afar, know that you are an integral part of our Hanover family. Your contributions, experiences, and spirit enrich the fabric of our association and strengthen the bonds that unite us.

As Director of Alumni Relations, my foremost commitment is to you — to ensure that your connection to Hanover remains vibrant and meaningful, to provide you with opportunities for engagement, enrichment, and growth, and to serve as a resource and ally in your personal and professional endeavors.

I look forward to working closely with each of you, listening to your ideas, and collaborating on initiatives to enhance our alumni experience further. Together, we will celebrate our achievements, support one another in times of need, and continue to uphold the values and traditions that define Hanover College.

I encourage you to explore all that the Hanover College Alumni Association has to offer — from networking events and professional development opportunities to social gatherings and volunteer initiatives. Your participation and engagement are vital to the vitality and success of our association, and I am confident that together, we will accomplish great things.

Once again, welcome to the Hanover College Alumni Association. I am thrilled to embark on this journey with you and eager to see the remarkable contributions we will make together in the years to come.

With warmest regards,

Christy Hughes
Director of Alumni Relations



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