The benefits of establishing student/alumni mentoring programs are immense. Students will have the opportunity to connect with alums who were once “in their shoes” as undergraduate college students, who faced similar decisions to choose a major, think about graduate school or a profession, and simply “what to do with my life after Hanover College.” Students will be able to ask their alumni mentors questions on various topics such as professional development, career and industry, relocation, and financial literacy.

Alumni mentors will have the opportunity to be a “coach” to Hanover College student mentees, helping navigate through challenges in an academic program, giving advice on building a strong resume, practicing how to interview for graduate school or job placement, and assisting in professional networking. Alumni wished they would have had something like this when they were students. Now they can!

Through the COACH Mentoring Program, both students and alumni have the chance to build a stronger connection to the College, to invest time, energy, and focus on oneself with a well-suited support system. To uphold the mission of Hanover College, students and alums will be able to practice lifelong inquiry, transformative learning, and meaningful service.


The Office of Alumni Relations and the Levett Career Center have joined forces to offer two types of student/alumni mentoring programs.

The Formal Program is a strategic 1:1 opportunity for current sophomore students and alumni. Why sophomores? College isn't 'new' anymore and the pressure and uncertainty to make decisions start to increase. Sophomores are aware that the 'halfway mark' of their college career is approaching and are starting to contemplate, "What should I choose as my major? "What can I do with "x" major?" "How are alumni using their degree in their professions?" This program will help answer those questions.

The Informal Program is more relaxed and offers all students and alumni to work together on a variety of topics. Maybe you are a student who is looking for a pep talk or needs someone to review your resume? Maybe you just need advice from an alum 'who's been through it or do you need specific answers? Then, the Informal Program may be for you.

Please review both programs to decide which program best suits you. Once you have chosen your program, please fill out the Information Form listed on each page.

The Coach for Education Mentoring Program will be specific mentoring for Hanover College education students and alumni. Coming Spring 2022!


What is Coach for Education?

The first student to-alumni mentoring program directly targeted for students studying in the Education Department.


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Education Alumni Committee

comprised of a community of teachers and learners that prepare committed, competent, culturally responsive, and critically reflective new teachers from the Education program at Hanover College.

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A community of teachers and learners prepare committed, competent, culturally responsive, and critically reflective new teachers.

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We talk every Monday afternoon and set goals for the upcoming week and celebrate great accomplishments! Having a mentor has been really helpful. Lauren has given me advice on all sorts of things such as how to approach a roommate about various topics, how to make it through quarantine (and share my experience with the school), how to speak up to a professor, and most importantly, finding time to give myself a break and relax. One of my biggest goals this year was expanding my social network, and Lauren has helped me find open doors to take advantage of, as well as get me into contact with people she knows. She has also helped me draft emails to different people, making me feel confident in the message I was sending. Ultimately, she has been exceptional at lending a listening ear when I needed to rant about chemistry and providing a different point of view to see the situation.

Last semester has by far been my most loved semester during my time here at Hanover. Partly because I loved my classes, but mainly because my mentor was there to help me feel and act my best. We plan to meet face to face in June and possibly again in October, which I am deeply excited about.

- Maddie Mann '23


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