Hanoverian Eternal

Ultimately, as time goes by, friends and classmates begin to pass away. Click here to see a list of alumni that have recently passed. If you would like to honor or remember a fellow Hanoverian, you can donate now and we will include you in the tribute recognition list. 



Hanover College would like to thank those who have made a gift to Hanover in memory or in honor of someone. The listing below is an on-going list with the most current fiscal year gifts listed. This page will be updated on a regular basis and is a way to let everyone know about these special people. Thank you for your support of Hanover College!

Tribute Directory
Primary AddresseeTribute Description
Stacy Bellin memory of Andy McCanna '97
Kevin Berry '90 and Leslie Taylor '93in memory of Bruce Harbeson '76; in memory of Clark Ketterman '52
Anonymousin memory of Joan Burgess
John Davis '79 and Thandi Davisin memory of Jack '53 and Janet McCoy Davis '56
Ashley Fishin memory of Andy McCanna '97
Barbara Garvey and Michael Garveyin memory of Cynthia Wicks
Sarah Erbse Hellrungin memory of Terri Von Pein Rugg '77
Kathleen Kettermanin memory of Clark Ketterman '52
Douglas Kunnemannin memory of Clark Ketterman '52
Rebecca Loganin memory of Terri Von Pein Rugg '77
Michael Lynam '70 and Ann Lynamin memory of Jerry Johnson '69
Amanda Martinin memory of Andy McCanna '97
Bruce McGeath '56in memory of Kennita McGeath '57
Bonnie Millerin memory of Barbara Meyer Ramsaur '58
Fred Mills and Ginny Millsin memory of Clark Ketterman '52
Carolyn Palmer and Donald Palmerin memory of Jean Hassler Hollar '45
Carol Petrovichin memory of Clark Ketterman '52
Karl Plank '74 and Kathleen Blackwell-Plankin memory of J. David Wagner
Laurie Raglein memory of Clark Ketterman '52
Emma Schultein memory of Andy McCanna '97
J.B. Stackhouse '17in memory of Katie Linville