Hanover College would like to thank those who have made a gift to Hanover in memory or in honor of someone. The listing below is an on-going list with the most current fiscal year gifts listed. This page will be updated on a regular basis and is a way to let everyone know about these special people. Thank you for your support of Hanover College!

Tribute Directory
Primary AddresseeTribute Description
Carey Adams and Julie Adamsin honor of Jennifer Sterk; in honor of Val Young; in honor of Kay Stokes; in honor of Katy Lowe Schneider; in honor of Dustin Bailey; in honor of Kerry Volansky; in honor of Bill Tereshko; in honor of Kelly Joyce
Abigail Anderson '21in memory of Erin Working '19
Jessica Anderson '04in memory of Ann Taff Anderson '68; in memory of Molly Morris Anderson '62
J. Lee Annis, Jr '78in memory of Susan Martin Studds '76
    in honor of Melba Rodriguez
Mary Bachmanin memory of Erin Working '19
Kristen Backus '76in memory of Susan Martin Studds '76
Nick Baechle and Uschi Appeltin memory of Erin Working '19
Anonymousin memory of Evaline Hitz Rhodehamel
Rob Barlow and Michelle Barlowin memory of Susan Martin Studds '76
Chester Baylor and Ruth Baylorin honor of Mark and Marabeth Levett
Mark Benbow '81 and Annette Benbowin memory of Susan Martin Studds '76
Scott Bowlingin memory of Bruce Harbeson '76
Chelsea Brackmanin memory of Erin Working '19
Rand Brandes '78 and Beth Brandesin memory of James Ferguson
Jim Braun '79 and Launa Braunin honor of Bill French
Clark Bright and Karen Bright (d)in memory of Karen Bright
Bob Bringle '69 and Rebecca Black Bringle '69in memory of Harve Rawson; in memory of Roger Terry
Tom Bruner '61in memory of Susan Martin Studds '76
Ian Bruton '22in honor of Matthew Gaddie
Walter Bruyninckx and Anne-Marie Blancquaertin memory of Mike Worrell
Anonymousin memory of Joan T. Burgess
Michael Burrow and Cherie Burrowin honor of Zoe Burrow '20
Patricia Wyche Calore '83 and Jeff Calorein memory of Susan Martin Studds '76
Helen Weyerbacher Christian '77in memory of Bruce Harbeson '76
Adam Clevenger '05 and Jessica Trimblein honor of Treva Shelton
David Collierin memory of Katie Linville
Patrick Conboy '20in memory of Erin Working '19
Anonymousin memory of Bruce Harbeson '76
Rob Crosser '97 and Amy Zabel Crosser '98in memory of Joe Crosser '01
Bob Dhondt '60 and Donna Dhondtin memory of Jim Albright '60
Robert Dion and Janet VanAlstenin memory of Susan Martin Studds '76
Thomas Dumaine and Pamela Dumainein memory of Laurie Guthrie
Mark Dunning '83 and Okie Dunningin memory of Susan Martin Studds '76
Anonymousin memory of Susan Martin Studds '76
Clara Eckerlein honor of Cori Collinsworth
Chip Egan '73 and Diane Watt Egan '72in honor of Tom and Barbara Evans
Todd Ehninger '78in honor of Paul Blume
Ed Erner '60 and Dee Gee Reed Erner '62in memory of Donald Morrison
Ann Scott Farkas '66in memory of Dr. Michael Farkas '65
Jennifer Fohlin memory of Erin Working '19
Kendra Morin Forrester '13 and Andrew Forresterin memory of Matt Forrester
Phil Foster '75 and Carol Fosterin memory of Bruce Harbeson '76
Bette Frankenin memory of Susan Martin Studds '76
Robin Gahimerin honor of Amanda Gahimer Phillips '03
Donna Garner '63in memory of Robert Garner '51
Barbara Garvey and Michael Garveyin honor of Shawn Schreiner '83; in honor of Nelson Clemmens '72; in honor of Julianna MaryVirginia Borden
Jim Gaunt '67 and Kate Gauntin honor of Melba Rodriguez
Judith Godfreyin honor of Jensen Godfrey '01
Joseph Gordonin memory of Susan Martin Studds '76

Hanoverian Eternal

Ultimately, as time goes by, friends and classmates begin to pass away. Here is a list of alumni that have recently passed. If you would like to honor or remember a fellow Hanoverian, you can donate now and we will include you in the tribute recognition list.