Hanoverian Eternal

Ultimately, as time goes by, friends and classmates begin to pass away. Click here to see a list of alumni that have recently passed. If you would like to honor or remember a fellow Hanoverian, you can donate now and we will include you in the tribute recognition list. 



Hanover College would like to thank those who have made a gift to Hanover in memory or in honor of someone. The listing below is an on-going list with the most current fiscal year gifts listed. This page will be updated on a regular basis and is a way to let everyone know about these special people. Thank you for your support of Hanover College!

Tribute Directory
Primary AddresseeTribute Description
Carey Adams and Julie Adamsin honor of Jennifer Sterk; in honor of Kay Stokes; in honor of Valerie Young; in honor of Kerry Volansky; in honor of Dustin Bailey; in honor of Katy Lowe Schneider; in honor of Jan Spry; in honor of Debbie Quinn; in honor of Bill Tereshko; in honor of Kelly Joyce; in honor of Uschi Appelt; in honor of Steve Steiner
Beth Waters Alexander '79 and Mark Alexanderin memory of James McEwen
Shepherd Andersonin memory of Dick Anderson '60; in memory of Molly Morris Anderson '62
Bill Baker '73 and Lana Ladd Bakerin memory of William Frederick Dohn '73
Stacy Bellin memory of Andy McCanna '97
Glen Bengson '67 and Cathy Deuber Bengson '69in honor of Tom and Barbara Evans
Kevin Berry '90 and Leslie Taylor '93in memory of Bruce Harbeson '76; in memory of Clark Ketterman '52
Regina Beverin memory of Abigail Brinkman '99
Linda Yoder Bly '76 and Phillip Blyin memory of James McEwen
Beth Boord '76 and Henry Ambrosein memory of James McEwen
Patrick Bryant and Emily Bryantin memory of Abigail Brinkman '99
Timothy Bryantin memory of Abigail Brinkman '99
Anonymousin memory of Joan Burgess
David Collierin memory of Alex Nemeth
Jeff Conner and Margie Connerin honor of Paul Blume
Cheryl Harrison Corajod '77 and Brian Scottin memory of Terri Von Pein Rugg '77
Greg Coulterin memory of Silvija Coulter '83
Rob Crosser '97 and Amy Zabel Crosser '98in memory of Joseph Crosser '01
John Davis '79 and Thandi Davisin memory of Jack '53 and Janet McCoy Davis '56
Jim Douglas '78 and Julie Allen Douglas '78in memory of James McEwen
Tom Ebbinghousein memory of Terri Von Pein Rugg '77
Ann Scott Farkas '66in memory of Michael Farkas '65
Ashley Fishin memory of Andy McCanna '97
Barbara Garvey and Michael Garveyin memory of Cynthia Wicks
Suellen Kinder Goddard '67 and Philip Goddardin memory of James Kinder
Judith Godfreyin honor of Jensen Godfrey '01
Anonymousin honor and memory of the claases of '60 and '61
Sarah Erbse Hellrungin memory of Terri Von Pein Rugg '77
Tracy Keller Green and Darren Greenin memory of Kris Kindelsperger '71; in memory of Chip Hixon '68
Kathleen Kettermanin memory of Clark Ketterman '52
Cynthia Kilmark and Don Kilmarkin memory of John Tramberg '76
Douglas Kunnemannin memory of Clark Ketterman '52
Rebecca Loganin memory of Terri Von Pein Rugg '77
Michael Lynam '70 and Ann Lynamin memory of Jerry Johnson '69
Marianne Marshallin memory of Abigail Brinkman '99
Anonymousin memory of Andy McCanna '97
Nancy McFarland Gatewood '74in honor of Betsy Pottenger Howden; in honor of Emily Schweier Dauscher
Bruce McGeath '56in memory of Kennita McGeath '57
Constance McLaren and Bruce McLarenin memory of Jean Hassler Hollar
Henry Merrill '68 and Colleen Cowan Merrill '67in honor of Tom Evans
Cindy Meyerin memory of Robert Lauer '54
Bonnie Millerin memory of Barbara Meyer Ramsaur '58
Fred Mills and Ginny Millsin memory of Clark Ketterman '52
Clay Morris '65 and Barbara Morrisin honor of Larry and Nancy Pugh
Nancy Hinchman Near '61in memory of Wilma Baldwin Melchiorre '61
Jane Netherton '00in memory of Mary Jo and Larry Netherton
Jean Ross Ozols '77 and Charles Ozolsin memory of James McEwen
Carolyn Palmer and Donald Palmerin memory of Jean Hassler Hollar '45
William Payne and Jennifer Paynein honor of Darrell Payne '19
Lorinda Petersin memory of Abigail Brinkman '99