Hanover College's Legacy Program helps alums and their children stay connected through various stages of childhood. Registered Legacies receive the gifts pictured below, mailed to the alum who registered them.

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All Legacy gifts are age-appropriate and cannot be given retroactively. To ensure your Legacy receives a special gift during their birthday month, please provide their birth date and ensure we have your current mailing address on file by reviewing and updating your profile.

Not sure if your family member is registered as a legacy? Call the Office of Alumni Relations at 812-866-7012 or email us at alumni@hanover.edu.

*A Legacy is anyone related to a Hanover College alum: sibling, child, niece/nephew, first-cousin, or grandchild




 Photo of Maggie J. Newkirk, the child of Zack '17, and Mikayla Newkirk.



As alumni, you know the value of your Hanover education, and we hope that your children, siblings, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews will keep HC in mind as they begin to plan for their future education.

Once your Legacy completes the Admission requirements to Hanover College, they will receive a $2,000 award to immediate relatives of Hanover alums and current students to remind us that the most essential part of the College is not its buildings but its people. For this award, Hanover College considers immediate relatives as parents, grandparents, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and great-aunts and uncles. The award is renewable each year, provided Satisfactory Academic Progress is met.