We're proud of what our alums do around the world. You lead in your communities. You create new ways to serve and meet needs. You take what you learned as a student to improve your work, where you live, and the people closest to you. We highlight some of the fantastic things you or your classmates have done and honor them through the Alumni Awards.

The Alumni Achievement Award

The Hanover College Alumni Achievement Award is the highest honor bestowed upon alums. The award recognizes alums who have enhanced the reputation of Hanover College by distinguishing themselves with either outstanding professional achievements or personal achievements or those who have loyally dedicated their time and service to their alma mater.

The Distinguished Young Alumni Award

The Hanover College Distinguished Young Alumni Award is the highest honor for alums under 40. It recognizes those who have made outstanding professional achievements, personal accomplishments, or loyal service to their alma mater, enhancing the college's reputation.

Alumni Award Criteria

  • Previous Alumni Achievement Award and Distinguished Young Alumni Award winners are not eligible.
  • The nominee must be a graduate of Hanover College.
  • The nominee must have made significant contributions to their community, state, and nation through professional service, public service, and civic activities.
  • The nominee must be living.
  • The nominee is not on the Board of Trustees.
  • The nominee is not on the Alumni Leadership Council.


Each year, nominations are solicited from all alums and members of the College Community to find those who should be recognized for their outstanding achievements. Nominations are accepted year-round. However, to be considered for the next calendar year's selection process, all nominations must be submitted by November 15 of the current year.

Nominate someone for the Alumni Achievement Award, Distinguished Young Alumni Award, or the Moyer Volunteer Award. You must provide as much information as possible and include relevant links or copies of materials (news articles, press releases, publications, etc.).  

Selection Process & Timeline

Each year, nominations are solicited from all alumni and members of the Hanover College Community to find those who should be recognized for their outstanding achievements. A selection committee, comprised of alums with diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives, reviews the materials submitted for the Alumni Achievement Award and the Distinguished Young Alumni Award and selects those persons whose achievements most closely fit the criteria for each award who are deemed most deserving of recognition. The names of those selected are then recommended to the Alumni Leadership Council and the Hanover College President for action.  

    Nominations are gathered and prepared for the Selection Committee, which consists of alums from the Alumni Leadership Council (ALC).
    The Selection Committee will review the nominee's information electronically. The Director of Alumni Relations will schedule a conference call in the last week of January to determine the shortlist, which will be submitted to the President of Hanover College for approval.
    The ALC will meet in February to approve the award recipients chosen by the Selection Committee. The ALC president will notify winners by phone, and the Alumni Director will inform nominators.
    The Alumni Director will contact the honorees and request their bios, resumes, and headshots by April 1. The director will also provide the names of the recipients to the AVP for Communication and Marketing for the summer edition of Hanoverian.
    Alumni award recipients will be recognized digitally monthly via the @hanover newsletter, To The Point Alumni Newsletter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • JULY
    Registration information for the Alumni Award Luncheon and a full story will be shared in the Hanoverian. Registration for the Alumni Awards and Homecoming Weekend will also be available.
    HC will share the achievements of each honoree via social media
    Alumni Awards Luncheon
    The AAA and DYA selection process deadline is November 15. Late nominations will be considered for the following year. Nominations are held for two years and require proper documentation. Nominators must complete research on nominees.



The Eleanore Moyer Watts Award

The Eleanore Watts Moyer Award is to recognize individuals who have given exemplary voluntary service to Hanover College. All non-student volunteers - including alumni, trustees, community members, staff and faculty, or friends of the College are eligible for consideration.


The Hall of Fame Award

The Hall of Fame Award honors individuals who have served Hanover College intercollegiate athletics with distinction. To nominate someone for the Hall of Fame Award, click here.