Family connections have long been a part of the success of Hanover College and its students. We believe it's important to the future of the College to have a significant number of legacy students in every class who can relate the stories and traditions of Hanover that have been handed down through the years. It's great that many students discover HC for the first time each year, but it's through our alumni families that the heritage of the College passes from generation to generation.

Hanover's Legacy Outreach Program was created to keep alumni and their younger family members connected to Hanover College. As alumni, you know the value of your Hanover education. Our hope is that children, siblings, and grandchildren of alumni will keep HC in mind as they begin to plan for their future education.

To celebrate this tradition, we would like to send every legacy a small gift at special age 'milestones' in their lives - as a newborn, at age 5, and at age 16. Sign up your legacy today! Make sure to enter the legacy's birth date so that we can send them a special gift during their birthday month.


Newborn to 18 Months: Hanover College Legacy onesie

Age 5: Start school with an HC Pencil Pouch

Age 16: HC Keychain for the new driver in the family

High School: Schedule a campus visit or even a sleepover! Learn about the Legacy Award Scholarships, renewable annually that is given to Hanover's Legacies as part of their financial aid package when they attend Hanover (eligibility requirements as determined through the Admission Process.) Contact the Office of Admission today to learn more. Plus, after your on-campus visit, you'll receive a special legacy gift.

Hanover Freshman: Legacy t-shirts are provided to first-year enrolled legacy students at Hanover College

Graduation: A complimentary family photo is taken of legacy families with their graduate on The Point on Graduation Day

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Please complete the form below to submit or to update your record at Hanover College to join Hanover's complimentary Legacy Outreach Program today. If you have any questions, please contact: alumni@hanover.edu

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