Benjamin Templeton scholars advisory committee

 The Benjamin Templeton Scholars Advisory Committee was developed to support the program in the following ways:

  • Foster and support a creative atmosphere that encourages ambitious thinking on future program development.
  • Support the Benjamin Templeton Scholars in efforts to connect with local, regional, and national leaders within the social justice, human rights, and diversity education and advocacy communities.
  • Participate in the Benjamin Templeton Scholar selection process (i.e. participation in Templeton Competition Weekend individual interviews, serving as a judge for the Competition Weekend group interview, supporting scholarship deliveries, etc.).
  • Assist with Benjamin Templeton Scholar development (i.e. serve as a class sponsor, professional resource, present at the Templeton Retreat, etc.).
  • Identify and develop a strong base of financial support for the long-term stability and growth of the program.

Staff Contact: Dewain Lee, Vice President and Dean of Student Life (

benjamin templeton scholars advisory committee members


Alumni members of the Benjamin Templeton Scholars Advisory Committee are listed below.  If you are logged in, you can view the member's personal profile and contact them through the online community email feature.  If you are a member of this Committee, you can participate in private discussions with fellow committee members, share documents and more.

Benjamin Templeton Scholars Committee Members Directory
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