Employee giving

The Hanover College mission could not be achieved without our faculty and staff--you! With your gift, we grow, invest, and commit to our mission. Your gift shows alumni, students, and friends that we value Hanover College. The Employee Endowed Fund for Professional Development will benefit all employees regardless of tenure, hourly or salaried status, or department. This is an opportunity to invest in each other to improve our College community!  
To use this form:

Please select or input the total amount you would like to donate, then select the number of months you would like to divide it by. For instance, if you'd like to give a total gift of $500 over 12 months, that would mean a gift of $41.67 would be deducted from monthly payroll.

Would you prefer to make a one-time gift?

Questions? Contact Miranda Maxwell, maxwellm@hanover.edu.