In 2016, recognizing the need to enhance alumni engagement and to align with new institutional goals around career planning and preparation, Hanover College and the Alumni Association Board participated in a process to implement a new alumni engagement model. The goal of the new structure is to ensure that alumni are involved in the life of the college.  

Starting on July 1, 2017, the Alumni Association will be led by the Alumni Leadership Council.   

The Alumni Association’s Leadership Council serves in a volunteer capacity where its purpose is to:

  • Coordinate the work of the alumni advisory boards, committees, and groups
  • Ensure that alumni working in this advisory and volunteer capacity are engaged to the highest levels
  • Act as an advocate for Hanover College and alumni engagement
  • Promote the involvement of alumni throughout the institution
  • Be a sounding board and resource for the Hanover College administration, faculty, staff, students, and alumni
  • Be a role model for students
  • Support and recommend strategies for engaging alumni in meaningful and appropriate ways that they may give of their time, talent and treasure to advance the mission of Hanover College
  • Encourage support for the College’s strategic plan and institutional goals 

Staff Contacts:  Melba Rodriguez (rodriguez@hanover.edu) and Tracy Keller (keller@hanover.edu)


 Alumni Leadership Council MEMBERS

The Alumni Leadership Council will include representatives from Alumni Advisory Committees. As the number of committees increases, we will update the memberships of the Alumni Leadership Council.  As a member of the Council you have access to the group page to private discussions with fellow members, share documents and more.

Alumni Leadership Council Directory
NicknameMaiden nameLast NameClass of
Lou AnnMcCarterCenter'85

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