Leah Peelman - Class of 2006

Fourth place in NCAA III National 10K

Peter Kassig

Aid worker was taken hostage and beheaded by the Islamic State

John Resig - Class of 2001

Co-founder of Resignation Media, LLC in August 2007

Launched theCHIVE.com in November 2008

Peter Dunn - Class of 2000

Financial author, radio host, television personality, and speaker

Chris Culver (pen name)

Crime novelist

Eric Holcomb - Class of 1990

Current Governor of Indiana, 51st Lieutenant Governor

Mike Leonard - Class of 1984

Head Football Coach for Franklin College

Woody Harrelson - class of 1983

Actor in films and TV series Cheers

Three-time Academy Award nominee

Michael Henderickson - Class of 1983

20th Century Fox Film Corporation Executive Vice President for feature productions

Jane Huffman Hayes - Class of 1983

Awarded the "Most Daring Research Award" by NASA

Mike Pence - Class of 1981

48th Vice President of the United States

50th Governor of Indiana

Member of U.S. House of Representatives

Jim ward - class of 1981

Former President of LucasArts

Thom Mayer - class of 1973

Command physician at the Pentagon during 911 

Medical Director of the NFL Players Association (NFL)

Bertha lewis - class of 1972

CEO and Chief Organizer of ACORN

Jim Green - class of 1972

Computer scientist who reduced wireless communication time to usable levels

Joyce Hopewell Brinkman - class of 1966

First poet laureate of Indiana

Stephen Olvey - class of 1965

Co-Director of the International Motorsports and Vehicular Injury Research Center

James a. lake - class of 1965

Retired Associate Laboratory Director of Nuclear Programs, Idaho National Laboratory

Philip Hendrick - class of 1964

American population geneticist

bob donewald - class of 1964

Basketball head coach at Illinois State and Western Michigan

Assistant coach of 1976 Indiana Hoosiers National Champions

bob schults - class of 1964

Former CEO of Shaklee

john shoemaker - class of 1964

Retired Executive Vice President of Sun Microsystems

Harold K. Voris - class of 1962

Curator and Head of the Division of Amphibians and Reptiles, Field Museum of Natural History Chicago

James w. near - class of 1960

Chairman and CEO of Wendy's International, Inc. from 1986-199

carol warner shields - class of 1957

Pulitzer Prize-winning author

Walter Lafeber - class of 1955

A historian at Cornell University

Monica sone - class of 1946

Author of noted memoir Nisei Daughter

George f. Whitworth - class of 1938

Presbyterian missionary

Founder of Whitworth College

President of University of Washington

Charles kirwan mcharry - class of 1936

Journalist, drama critic, wrote "On the Town" column for the New York Daily News

Wilbur young - class of 1930

Indiana's Superintendent of Schools from 1951-1959. Under his administration, he moved the schools in Indiana to consolidation, improved graduation rates, and authored a book on building better schools. He made headlines nationwide news fighting McCarthyism keeping books such as Little Red Riding Hood and others on the bookshelves of the schools.

Harriet Elliott - class of 1910

Educator and civic leader

Colonel Leslie MacDill - class of 1909

Early aviation pioneer and US Army Air Corps officer

Namesake of MacDill Air Force Base in Florida, headquarters of US CENTCOM

Charles Sherrod Hatfield - class of 1904

Judge of United States Court of Customs and Patent Appeals

James graham brown  - class of 1902

Philanthropist, businessman, and real estate developer

Thomas Cleland Dawson - class of 1888


William dinner - class of 1887

Steel industry businessman and philanthropist

William L. Fisher - Class of 1883

United State Secretary of the Interior from 1911 to 1913

William A. Cullop - Class of 1878

Member of United States House of Representatives from Indiana

Reginald H. Thomson - class of 1877

A civil engineer who designed modern Seattle

Lafe Pence - class of 1877

Member of United States House of Representatives from Colorado

Robert J. Tracewell - class of 1874

Member of U.S. House of Representatives

Comptroller of the U.S. Department of the Treasury

John Merle Newhouse - class of 1872

Representative and Senator for the State of Indiana 

Stanley Coulter - Class of 1870

Dean of School of Sciences at Purdue University

John Merle Coulter - class of 1870


Professor at Hanover College, Wabash College, and University of Chicago

President of Indiana University and Lake Forest University

Harvey W. Wiley - Class of 1867

Chemist involved with the passage of Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906

John M. Bloss - Class of 1860

Third President of Oregon State University

James Kennedy Patterson - Class of 1856

First President of the University of Kentucky

Albert G. porter - Class of 1843

Governor of Colorado and member of U.S. House of Representatives

Thomas Andrews Hendricks - class of 1841

21st Vice President of the United States

Governor of Indiana

U.S. Senator

Member of U.S. House of Representatives

Delegate to 1851 Indiana Constitutional Convention

William Hayden English

Member of U.S. House of Representatives

Candidate for Vice President of the United State

Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives

William Ross Wallace - class of 1836


Ebenezer Dumont - Class of 1836

Member of U.S. House of Representatives from Indiana

Brigadier general of Union Army during American Civil War

Jonathan Edwards - class of 1835

First President of Washington and Jefferson College

John Davis Paris - Class of 1833

Builder of missionary churches on the island of Hawaii

William M. Dunn

Member of U.S. House of Representatives

Judge Advocate of General of the United States Army

Delegate to 1850 Constitution of Indiana Convention