Once a panther, always a panther, and at Hanover College, our relationship with you — and our commitment to you — doesn’t end when you graduate. Welcome to your Alumni Association where you are now part of more than 13,000 alumni who share a common interest….Hanover College!

As a member of the Hanover College Alumni Association, you have a variety of benefits and services to choose from such as accessing the online alumni directory, updating your own alumni records, discounts at over 8000 locations across the country, and more.  

As an alumnus of Hanover College, you have three options to give back to the College:

  • Time - With nearly 300 alumni volunteers each year, we have alumni who give their time to serve on Alumni Advisory Boards to help promote the mission of the College and the board they serve.  Or, visit often!  How often do you take the time to come back home to look around campus, talk to students, or attend one of the many alumni events?
  • Talent - Do you have expertise in a particular field?  Are you interested in mentoring a Hanover College student?  Are you willing to speak on an alumni panel or speak in a classroom full of eager minds? If you can't come to campus, you can virtually engage!  
  • Treasure - Thousands of alumni and friends invest in our students and our mission. Your gifts of financial resources allow us to continue creating those extraordinary learning experiences valued by our students, their parents, and thousands of alumni.

    Questions?  Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at alumni@hanover.edu.

alumni leadership council 

The Alumni Association’s Leadership Council serves in a volunteer capacity where its purpose is to:

  • Coordinate the work of the alumni advisory boards, committees, and groups
  • Ensure that alumni working in this advisory and volunteer capacity are engaged to the highest levels
  • Act as an advocate for Hanover College and alumni engagement
  • Promote the involvement of alumni throughout the institution
  • Be a sounding board and resource for the Hanover College administration, faculty, staff, students, and alumni
  • Be a role model for students
  • Support and recommend strategies for engaging alumni in meaningful and appropriate ways that they may give of their time, talent and treasure to advance the mission of Hanover College
  • Encourage support for the College’s strategic plan and institutional goals 

To find out more visit the Alumni Leadership Council page.

alumni advisory committees and boards

Hanover College offers a wide range of opportunities for alumni to volunteer their time.  Currently, we have nearly 300 alumni volunteers each year who serve on an advisory board, committee, or who return to speak on a panel or in a classroom.  

advancement Advisory Committee

The primary purpose for the Advancement Advisory Committee is to act as a means for integrating best practices into the fundraising and alumni relations at Hanover College.  Members of the Committee will share their ideas, experiences, and insights.  The goal is to utilize the knowledge and experiences of alumni engaged in fundraising and alumni relations at other institutions of higher education.  

athletic Advisory Committee

The primary purpose of the Athletics Advisory Committee is to act as a means for enhancing the athletic experiences of Hanover College students. This committee of alumni volunteers will focus on ensuring that our student-athletes are supported in their endeavors to compete at their highest levels, while satisfactorily completing their academic pursuits. And, it will provide support for signature athletic events.

Templeton scholars Advisory committee

Exceptional students who have participated in or led programs that promote diversity, human rights, or social justice for race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity, are invited to compete for a renewable, full-tuition scholarship award, offered to up to 10 students. The Benjamin Templeton Scholars Advisory Committee was developed to support the Benjamin Templeton Scholarship.

Business scholars program Advisory Committee

The Business Scholars Program at Hanover College is a practical and experiential program that lets you practice business skills and apply knowledge taught by experienced business people to solve real problems.  The Advisory Committee consists of alumni who are offering to help the College in meeting its mission and goals.

educator preparation program advisory committee

This committee is comprised of a community of teachers and learners that prepare committed, competent, culturally responsive, and critically reflective new teachers from the Education program at Hanover College. Classroom experience. Off-campus opportunities. Eye-opening challenges. Dedicated and knowledgable faculty and staff. Teacher candidates from Hanover are not only specialists in their content areas, but well-prepared by their liberal arts background to be critical thinkers with excellent writing and speaking skills.

engineering Advisory committee 

The primary purpose of the Engineering Advisory Committee is to provide guidance and insights into the newly established Engineering program at Hanover College. This committee of alumni volunteers will focus on supporting student learning through mentorships and act as a resource for internships and employment opportunities. And, it will connect alumni with engineering students.

Greek Life Advisory Committee

The primary purpose for the Greek Life Advisory Committee is recognizing that engaged alumni leadership is essential to strong Greek chapters and the best Greek life experience for students, the Hanover College Greek Life Alumni Advisory Board will regularly convene alumni engaged in chapter advising and house corporation leadership.  As advisors to the Office of Student Life and the college administration, the board will offer recommendations on policies, procedures, and best practices, and it will seek to ensure that students benefit from learning experiences outside the classroom in Greek Life, while satisfactorily completing their academic pursuits.  It will be a regular means of communication and consultation between alumni volunteers and the College.

HART - HANOVER Alumni Recruitment Committee

Hanover College's Alumni Recruitment Team (HART) is an initiative that assists the Office of Admission in identifying prospective students who embrace the values of lifelong inquiry, transformative learning, and meaningful service. HART will assist by providing student referrals, participating in high school and college fairs, hosting, or sponsoring regional receptions.

medical professions Advisory Board

In an effort to enhance the educational experiences of students interested in health professions, the Medical Professions Alumni Council will act as a resource to faculty and students and will support the mission of the Health Sciences Program.