Volunteers are vital to the success of Hanover, giving their time, talent, and treasure. From organizing national outreach activities to serving as online career advisors to students, there are many opportunities to make a significant impact. You will always find a way to volunteer that will fit into your schedule and allow you to stay connected to Hanover.

Below is a list of the many volunteer and engagement opportunities through which you can share your time, resources, and skills.


Event Volunteer Opportunities

Pub Night

We are currently searching for Pub Night Hosts! Interested in holding a gathering in your area? Find out more information here.

Reunion Hosts

Each year, the office of alumni relations looks for representatives from each reunion year to be a Reunion Host. The Class Reunion Host (or co-host) serves as the key volunteer for his/her class in preparation for their class reunion and Homecoming Weekend. Find out more information here. 


Admissions Volunteer Opportunities

Admissions Referrals

Refer a prospective student who you know will do well at Hanover: Refer a Student.

High School Visits

Visit your high school's guidance counselor to tell them about the great things going on at Hanover College. For a packet of information, email admission@hanover.edu or call 812-866-7021 or 1-800-213-2178.

Represent Hanover at College Fairs

Would you be interested in joining a Hanover College Admission Counselor at a college fair? You will be able to interact with prospective students and families during the fair. College fairs are typically 90 minutes to 2 hours in length. This is a great opportunity for you to share your positive experience at Hanover College!

Please contact the Office of Admission and express your interest in sharing your Hanover College experience.

Hanover Alumni Recruitment Team

Hanover College's Alumni Recruitment Team (H.A.R.T.) is an initiative that assists the Office of Admission in identifying prospective students who embrace the values of lifelong inquiry, transformative learning, and meaningful service. H.A.R.T. will assist by providing student referrals, participating in high school and college fairs, and hosting or sponsoring regional receptions.

Apply to become a membernominate a fellow alumnus, or view current list of H.A.R.T. members

Legacy Program

Family connections are important to Hanover College! Register your legacy children, grandchildren, and siblings to receive free milestone gifts from birth! Children, grandchildren, and siblings may qualify for up to $3,000 in Legacy Scholarships per year. Register your legacy here.


Career Development Volunteer Opportunities 

Interview Prep & Internships

The Levett Career Center is currently looking for alumni who can assist with Mock Interviews, Resume Reviews, and possible internships. Please reach out to Jenny Moss, Director of Internships, at mossj@hanover.edu.

On-Campus Recruiting

Alumni are invited to participate in our On-Campus Recruiting program in a variety of ways, such as giving a presentation to students about their company, hosting students for internships, or coming to campus to interview job seekers for permanent positions. For more information, please visit careercenter.hanover.edu/alumni or e-mail careercenter@hanover.edu.

Hanover Career Alumni Network

Alumni are also encouraged to join our Hanover Career Alumni Network (HanoverCAN) on LinkedIn where they can network with other alumni and recent graduates.


Nominate Fellow Hanoverians for Awards

Alumni Achievement Award

Nominate an alum who has demonstrated achievement in their professional field, service to their community, or service to Hanover College. Nominate Here. 

Eleanore Watts Moyer Volunteer Award

Nominate an alum, Hanover-Madison community member, Hanover College faculty or staff member who has provided leadership in volunteerism for Hanover College. Nominate Here. 

Athletic Hall of Fame

Nominate an alum who has excelled in athletics at HC or through his or her career as a coach. Nominate Here.


Show your Panther Pride Wherever You Are

License Plates

Indiana alumni can show their Hanover pride everywhere they go by ordering an Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles Hanover College license plate. For more information click here.


Enhance awareness by displaying the Hanover College name in public. Wear Hanover College t-shirts out in your community, and display Hanover College memorabilia in your home and office.


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