Are you a current student looking for a pep talk or needs someone to review your resume? Maybe you need advice from someone 'who's been through it, or do you need specific answers? An alum mentor may be the answer!

The Informal COACH Mentoring Program is a flash mentoring program open to all current students. Alumni mentors and students mentees will be matched manually and on a rolling basis.  

All students at Hanover College are encouraged to explore academic programs before selecting a major, grow in their interests and campus leadership roles, and experiential learning opportunities such as studying abroad or completing an internship. When it comes time for students to launch their post-graduation plans, alumni mentors can serve as the springboard for helping students find ease and success in their future endeavors.

Students can access information from alums throughout their time at Hanover. Some common questions for college students may be:

  • What should I choose as my major?
  • What can I do with "x" major?
  • Should I be considering graduate school?
  • How are alumni using their degrees in their professions?
  • How can I better balance my social life and academic life while also thinking about what I want to do in my life?
  • Where do I want to live when I graduate?
  • How will I be able to pay back my student loans?

Current students can access various alumni for different mentoring purposes and might have more than one mentor, depending on the requests or needs. Below are other areas that alumni mentors can assist:

  • Action plan for upcoming college years
  • Resume or cover letter guidance
  • Shadowing, internship, externship, or research search
  • Graduate school guidance
  • Networking and professional development
  • Financial literacy
  • Work/life balance
  • Entrepreneurship

getting started

You've reviewed the information, read through the handbook, and now you're ready to sign up! 

Sign up using the Alumni and Student Information Forms located at the top of this page. Please click on the form that represents you and complete the questions. The informal program match students with alumni mentors on a rolling basis.  

We will always aim to make a meaningful student-alum match; therefore, we cannot guarantee when an alum will be matched with a student to mentor. Please contact us at coachmentoring@hanover.edu if you have questions or concerns about the matching process.

When we pair a student with an alum, matching notifications for both the student and the alum will be sent via email. We will match students and alums as students sign up for the program, and matching notifications will be emailed on Fridays.

Thank you for participating in the COACH Mentoring Program – your future mentees and mentors are waiting to be matched.