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Please be aware that Hanover College is under construction this Fall. Areas near College Avenue from the Campus Safety Building (Stone House) to Hendricks may be unavailable for parking during this event. You may arrive on campus using the Main Entrance onto Scenic Drive or the entrance onto Madison Avenue to File Street.

Homecoming Weekend: October 14, 2023

A weekend full of celebration will be held during the 96th-annual Homecoming Weekend at Hanover College. The event, which occurs on October 13-15, will include the presentation of Hanover's highest alumni awards, a win for Hanover's football team, a 50-year class reunion, and so much more. 

2022 Homecoming Weekend

  • See highlights and homecoming history
  • To view a photo recap, visit our Flickr page
  • Homecoming Recap Video 

Future Homecoming Dates

  • October 14, 2023
    • 10-Year Reunion:  Class of 2013 
    • 25-Year Reunion:  Class of 1998 
    • 50-Year Reunion:  Class of 1973 
    • Golden Panthers:  All classes celebrating 51+ years 
  • October 5, 2024
    • 10-Year Reunion:  Class of 2014 
    • 25-Year Reunion:  Class of 1999 
    • 50-Year Reunion:  Class of 1974 
    • Golden Panthers:  All classes celebrating 51+ years

Homecoming & Tailgating

  • August 2023: An email will go out to year's season tailgate holders to renew their tailgate spot. They will forfeit their spot if not renewed by mid-August. Tailgate Football Players and their families can sign up for open tailgate spots.
  • Late August 2023: The tailgate link will be active on the athletic website for NEW season tailgate spots. Season spots are $100.00
  • Late September 2023: A Link will be available for Homecoming Tailgate spots 
    These spots are first-come, first-serve until the grass lot sells. These spots are $25.00 per spot and will be available through the link only, with no phone calls.

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94th-annual Homecoming