Class Reunions

It's time to celebrate the 2017 Milestone Reunions at Homecoming. Honoring the classes of 1967 (50 year), 1977 (40 year), and 1992 (25 year)! Reconnect with classmates and discuss your plans to return to campus in these private groups set up in the online community.  If you have any questions or need help, please contact the Alumni Relations staff.

Class of 1967 - 50 year reunion group

Class of 1977 - 40 year reunion group

Class of 1992 - 25 year reunion group



Although it may not be a milestone reunion year for your class, we are still uniting to celebrate Hanover, our fond memories and the connections we've made. If you are interested in planning a non-milestone reunion, please contact the Alumni Relations staff and we will help you plan a special gathering for your class.These classes are currently planning a special gathering and we have set up a private group for classmates to reconnect:

Class of 1972 - reunion group

Class of 1982 - reunion group

Class of 2007 - reunion group

Class of 2012 - reunion group

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