In a collaboration between the Levett Career Center, the Office of Alumni Relations, and the Educator Preparation Program at Hanover College, we are excited to introduce COACH For Education, the first student to-alumni mentoring program directly targeted at students studying in the Education Department. 

The COACH For Education Mentoring Program aims to connect rising juniors in the Education department with alumni mentors in relation to their interests and experience in the Education department or industry. For students, the program will:

  • match rising juniors in the Education department with a Hanover alum based on answers to the Student Information Form
  • provide key topics to discuss with an alumni mentor during their undergraduate college years
  • provide a mentor who can provide guidance to move you forward in Hanover's Educator Preparation Program and into your post-graduation job placement
  • offer an opportunity for 'real talk' with someone who is not a parent, counselor, or professor

For Education alumni mentors, the program will:

  • reconnect you with Hanover College
  • match you with a rising junior in the Education department based on your answers to the Alumni Information Form
  • allow you to connect and share stories, expertise, and knowledge to students who are looking for guidance
  • assist you to identify or enhance a skill set or style that may be beneficial in other areas of your personal or professional life
  • aid in learning more about Generation Z – who could be your own children, coworkers, neighbors, or future doctors
  • help you find joy in helping another who may not have access to the resources you had or have in your life

The COACH For Education intends to give opportunities for students and alumni to develop meaningful, lasting connections. What you will not see in the COACH For Education is a lot of requirements. A central thought for this program was accessibility. For the program to be equitable for any sophomore to participate, the program needs to allow flexibility, customization, and ownership of the mentorship between mentee and mentor. For alumni mentoring, experience is not needed – but interest is!

Training and monthly meetings will enhance a mentoring skill set. For students, answers are not required – but an answer-seeking attitude is! The opportunity for a mentor who is not a parent, relative, or peer gives room for “real talk.” 

Join the Coach for Education Mentoring Program today.  Your match is waiting!


Dates to remember

  • September 9, 2022 Start Date
    Student and Alumni Information Forms are due
  • September 14, 2022, TBD
    Orientation for student mentees and alumni mentors
  • September 21, 2022, TBD
    Email notifications for mentoring pairs
  • September 2022, TBD
    COACH For Education Kick-off Meeting:  Meyers Briggs for Education with Margaret Krantz
  • September 2022, TBD
    Fall Term Meeting: Game of Inches – Resume, Interviewing, and Networking
  • October 8, 2022 
    Homecoming – COACH For Education Information Session and Reception for mentees and mentors
  • January 2023 (date TBD)
    Winter Term Meeting: Talk Story – Liberal Arts, Life, and Mentorship
  • February 2023 (date TBD)
    Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!
  • September 2023 (date TBD)
    Hire Hanoverians – Headshot and Elevator Pitch -OR- Show your Skills: Portfolio and Practice
  • Winter 2024 (date TBD)
    Hire Hanoverians – Headshot and Elevator Pitch -OR- Show your Skills: Portfolio and Practice
  • Spring 2024 (date TBD)
    A COACH Send-off: Celebrate, Reflect, and Look Ahead