Alumni Association

Once a panther, always a panther, and at Hanover College, our relationship with you — and our commitment to you — doesn’t end when you graduate. Welcome to your Alumni Association where you are now part of more than 13,000 alumni who share a common interest….Hanover College!

alumni leadership council 

To find out more visit the Alumni Leadership Council page.

alumni committees

Keeping in mind the goal of having alumni involved in the life of the college, the College has established a number of Alumni Advisory Committees. These committees provide important support to various areas and programs within the institution. These committees are formed around specific tasks and responsibilities and are supported by college employees. Alumni are invited to join for a specific period of time, a year or two, and are appointed by the President of Hanover College. Once fully formed, the committees elect a representative to the Alumni Leadership Council.

advancement Advisory Committee

athletic Advisory Committee

benjamin templeton scholars Advisory committee

Business scholars program Advisory Committee

educator preparation program advisory committee

engineering Advisory committee 

HART - HANOVER Alumni Recruitment Committee

medical professions Alumni council



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