Important Information 

It is essential to provide detailed information to assist the alum members of the ALC Selection Committee in making an informed decision. You may consider including any of the following helpful details:

  • Provide complete website links
    The Committee must be able to click the link to learn more about your nominee.
  • Be specific.
    Do not say, "He/She/They have distinguished themselves."  Tell the story, list the awards earned, and provide the details.
  • Email additional materials to

The Committee is pleased to receive nominations from individuals of all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities/expressions, ages, abilities, family statuses, and socioeconomic statuses. This is part of our mission to acknowledge the achievements of diverse alums from Hanover College.

Alumni Awards Criteria

  • The nominee must be a graduate of Hanover College.
  • The nominee must have made significant contributions to their community, state, and nation through professional service, public service, and civic activities.
  • The nominee must be living.
  • The nominee is not on the Board of Trustees.
  • The nominee is not on the Alumni Leadership Council
  • Previous Alumni Award winners are not eligible

Moyer Volunteer Award Criteria

All non-student volunteers - including alums, trustees, community members, staff and faculty, or friends of Hanover College are eligible for consideration for the Eleanore Watts Moyer Award.

Alumni Award Nomination Form

  1. Nomination Type
  2. Submitter's Information
  3. Nominee Information
  4. Category Selection
  5. Community Service
  6. Service to Hanover College
  7. Professional Achievement
  8. Moyer Volunteer Award
  9. Review
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